Will Anderson

Grant Writer/Drummer

Will Anderson has been an accompaniment drummer with Ezibu Muntu since 2012. He also volunteers his services as a grant writer and strategic advisor to the company. Professionally Will is a product innovator of digital solutions, and a Lean Startup adviser and practitioner, with two decades of experience bringing emerging technology-based innovations to market. Currently, he serves as CEO of W.E. Innovate Solutions, a product development advisory firm for entrepreneurs, and Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of HealthCHEC Technologies, a specialized social health services startup. Prior to launching W.E. Innovate Solutions and HealthCHEC Tech, Will led digital product development teams as an executive at Charles Schwab, Comerica Bank and Gyricon LLC, a Xerox PARC startup.

Will’s initial experience with African drumming and dancing began in the 1990’s in Oakland, CA where he introduced his son and daughter to an African youth performing arts company. After volunteering with the organization for a few years, he became the Executive Director of the program, empowering non-profit social impact innovators with Lean Startup inspired thinking and tools for proposal and program development

Will earned a B.B.A. in Finance with a minor in Philosophy from the University of Notre Dame, and a M.S. degree in Public Policy and Management from Carnegie Mellon University. Will also attended the Summer Venture in Management Program at the Harvard Business School.