Paul Joseph Griffith

African Culture Advisor

Scholar, historian, and educator Paul Joseph Griffith has worked as an American and Korean Public School Teacher, Lecturer and Professional Development Specialist for over eleven years. Paul earned his undergraduate degree, “cum laude”, in African—American Studies from the University of California Los Angeles and a Masters in Education with honorable mention from Tufts University. Post graduate Paul served as Chair of African—American Studies for Berkeley Unified School District in Berkeley, California, taught in the Advanced Placement and International Bachelorette Program, worked as an English Language Specialist in Korean Public Schools, travelled to 30 countries to conduct independent research and most recently spearheaded the creation of the first comprehensive African—American Studies curriculum for Friendship Public Charter Schools in Washington, D.C, the largest public charter school network in the district.

Paul has complimented his experience with traditional cultural studies of West African dance, music, and folklore under the apprenticeship of Emmy Award Winner and Founder of Diamono Coura West African Dance Company Zack Diouf and Artistic Director Naomi Diouf. Paul furthered his work in the historical arts by becoming the lead choreographer and Historian for the Afiya West African Dance Company in Long Beach, California and has been affiliated with Kankouran West African Dance Company in Washington D.C. Most recently, Paul was offered the opportunity to became aN Historical Guide for the Ezibu Muntu West African Dance Company in Richmond, Virginia under the leadership of founder Tanya Dennis.