“Dare to Dream!”

That is what Ezibu Muntu has done for forty-three years.  More than dream, Ezibu Muntu has sustain their dream, Virginia Commonwealth University’s dream, the community’s dream and kept children’s ability to dream alive.

Ezibu Muntu’s children’s company, eighteen in number, validates the seventy-five member company’s success.  However, Ezibu Muntu is transitioning to the next level, and that is by expanding beyond dance into media, theater, commerce, and marketing with the purchase of a 13,000 square foot facility in the Historic Jackson Ward District in Richmond Virginia, a culturally rich and diverse community.  This facility will offer a platform conducive for multiple uses, from concerts to conferences, banquets, receptions, seminars and workshops that extends into teaching, internships and mentoring.

We have taught children culture, now it is time to teach children financial literacy.  What better way than to lead by example!

By transforming into a multi-level multi-use cultural center, we will attain financial stability for another forty-three years and beyond while establishing the foundation to teach and show children how to build dreams their and establish their legacies.

Since 1973, Ezibu Muntu has been the cultural foundation for tens of thousands of adults and children.  Once we acquire our new facility we will be their financial foundation by teaching financial literacy while investing and supporting the Richmond community through the arts, internships, scholarship and mentors.

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