WHEREAS, the African Holocaust is the historical and contemporary genocide against the mental and physical health of African people.

WHEREAS, the effects of this genocide impacted all areas of African life: Self-determination, identity, agency, rites of passage, culture, heritage, religion, tradition and freedom.

WHEREAS, Africans continue to be marginalized from their historical trauma and historical glory.

WHEREAS, the African Holocaust also known as Maafa, is a crime against humanity where slavery corrupted and stripped both the enslaved and the slave master of their humanity and dignity.

WHEREAS, the African Holocaust has represented an existential threat to the peoplehood and agency of African people for the past 500 years of world history.

WHEREAS, Africa is the most exploited continent in the history of humanity where more human victims have been procured from Africa then all the continents in the world combined.

WHEREAS, we acknowledge that the African Holocaust and the contemporary slave trade in Africa is the greatest continuing tragedy the world has ever seen.

WHEREAS, the resulting consequences of the African Holocaust and continuing trading of slaves is the most impacting social event in the history of humanity in terms of scale, legacy and horror.

AFRICAN HOLOCAUST DAY serves as a remembrance that Africans globally constitute the most oppressed, most exploited, most downtrodden people on the planet, a fact that testifies to the untreated legacy of slavery.

In recognition of the 40 – 100 million people affected by slavery via the Atlantic Slave Trade and acknowledgement that Maafa reduced humans with culture and history to a people invisible from historical contributions to mere labor units to be traded.

And in acknowledgement of the racial-social hierarchy that continues to govern the lives of every living human where race continues to confer or obstruct privilege and opportunity.